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Direct Supply Parameters of Pin Type 2121 Point Valve Manufa

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Plug needle dispensing valve is a kind of rubber control valve which extrudes glue by pneumatic driving ejector rod. The 2121 dispensing valve manufactured by the middle system belongs to a kind of rubber control valve with good performance in a wide range of applied industries. It is installed in 221 dispensing machine or 331 dispensing machine and other automation equipment to play a high advantage of automatic glue control accuracy. The common problems such as glue-free valve are greatly reduced by precision manufacturing. It can be used in the dispensing of parts silicone ring paint or packaging dispensing of small products.
2121 thimble dispensing valve
Characteristics of 2121 Spot Valve
Rubber Valve Type: ZZ-2121 Rubber Valve Type: Needle dispensing valve
Cylinder Type: Rubber Output of Double-acting Cylinder: 0.01ml
Valve weight: 190g inlet size: 1/8npt (f)
Applied equipment: 221 dispensing machine, 331 dispensing machine, 441 dispensing machine, 551 dispensing machine or duplex automatic equipment
Application industry: electronic chip packaging, product packaging dispensing, batch silica gel ring paint
Size Diagram of 2121 Spot Valve
Effectiveness of Application in Automation Equipment
331 dispensing machine is a desktop automation equipment, which can be used for batch production of silica gel ring dispensing paint and product packaging dispensing. The reason called 331 dispensing machine is that its dispensing stroke is 300*300*100, the work station can complete the production of semi-finished products in batches, 2121 dispensing valve has the advantages of corrosion resistance, simple operation, labor and time saving, and so on. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is good. The utility model has high service life and can improve the solution of the problems such as no glue in the plugging glue valve. Installed on 331 dispensing machine, dispensing is evenly packed at the outlet through the set path and parameters. When dispensing silicone rubber ring, 2121 dispensing valve is used to control low flow uniformity error, fine glue quantity is controlled and excessive glue quantity is avoided, which will affect the appearance effect.
Functional Diagram of 2121 Spot Valve
2121 dispensing valve can be applied to all aspects of dispensing in most industries, to ensure that the problems such as non-gluing of the valve are controlled, and to make the production of dispensing paint more stable and uniform.

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