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Demonstration box for high speed dispensing machine in Longm

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine is commonly used in pipeline mode a dispensing equipment, with convenient operation and other characteristics, dispensing link is mainly used in large objects, which manufacturers equipped with teaching box dispensing programming work to help the operator to perform better, so it has the characteristics of what?
Working demonstration box for high speed dispensing machine
In fact, teaching is a Japanese translation, its original intention for programming work, the operator through the teach box of high speed dispensing manipulator gradually teach, the high speed memory and dispensing function data storage of mechanical movement, again will automatically work convenient dispensing machine, use the teaching box should pay attention to practical considerations for dragons the door frame structure, and working parameter setting above to the ideal value, not only can be used for dispensing dispensing arm links, can also be used for other automatic robot programming.
Longmen desktop high speed dispenser
Longmen general frame dispenser teaching box is used by durable reinforced plastics made of durable, the teach box has a plurality of functions, and have the emergency stop switch to prevent accidents, the HD signal display can carry out real-time programming work. The teach box support handheld man-machine exchange high speed dispensing program, if you need to change the parameters in the actual high-speed dispensing work, only need to operate the teaching box changes, convenient operation and easy to use, is the auxiliary programming tools Longmen high-speed dispensing machine.
Longmen floor type high speed dispenser
The market's latest dispensing machine programming software can work directly on the PC track input dispensing end, without operating a teaching box, Longmen frame can perform high-speed dispensing dispensing work, of course it needs dispensing machine parts in the matching standard, if not match will produce large errors, do not apply to this working mode.

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