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Continuous glue supply selection multi-specification customi

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Dual-station 4331 dispenser can be used in the manufacture of products with large demand and consistent demand. In order to ensure the production stability and glue flow control, pressure barrels are needed to assist in the use. Stainless steel pressure barrels can be configured for continuous glue supply control. Its main function is to store and control the flow and control the glue strength and stickiness with external heating packs, such as batch production of capacitor cover plate glue coating. Wire demand is large, can be used to store or point thread glue and other special fluids of a device, strong role to enhance the batch manufacturing efficiency is good.
Multi-specification stainless steel pressure barrel
Multi-specification Customization of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Barrel Cover Thickness: 12mm Material: 201 Stainless Steel/304 Stainless Steel
Output mode: bottom or top pressure: 0.8 MPa
Applicable equipment: 221 dispensing machine, 331 dispensing machine, 441 dispensing machine, duplex 4331 dispensing machine
Applicable industry: batch production line, such as cover plate glue, screw glue for electronic parts packaging point, etc.
Specification types: 4L 5L 8L 10L 20L and other customized specifications
Demand for industry applications
Because the duplex structure of 4331 dispenser is used to produce more glue in batch production, the storage of ordinary needle barrel may not be enough. It is necessary to use stainless steel pressure barrel to control the flow of glue to extrude the glue, and to avoid the loss of glue, resulting in errors or poor results. It is equipped with heating function of heating package to control the glue strength and stickiness, which meets the characteristics of capacitor cover glue packaging. The good sealing property can control and coat some thread glue, the glue output of thread glue tends to be uniform and stable, and the continuous operation of stirring blades can control the glue strength and prevent the uneven lamination.
Red Anaerobic Thread adhesive
Medium-sized stainless steel pressure drums can be installed on 331 or 4331 dispensing machines with high versatility and can be continuously operated to control the flow of glue and glue strength.

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