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Multi-specification piston dispensing syringe can be mixed b

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The dispensing syringe is a kind of accessory which is simple and easy to manufacture and low cost. Especially the piston dispensing syringe is the mainstream rubber storage tool. The piston is driven by pneumatic pressure to control the speed of glue flow and produce glue. It can store most of the colloid and low temperature glue. It can be used to seal and reinforce the screen of mobile phone for precision control. Some users do not support the installation of the ground-mounted visual dispensing machine. In fact, the visual dispensing equipment can also assemble a simple piston dispensing syringe to drive the dispensing, which is rarely used in practice.
Plastic piston dispensing syringe
Simple needle barrel for multi-industry application
The piston dispensing needle barrel is a versatile and simple compatible accessory. It can be connected with dispensing controller to manually dispense glue, installed on automatic dispensing machine to continuously control glue, or even installed on Intelligent Visual dispensing machine to control glue dispensing. It can be used to store some colloids and then driven by air pressure to control the glue flow rate to meet the dispensing production level, so as to make the dispensing volume uniform and moderate. For mobile phone screen sealing and other precision requirements, the quality of production is good. Many colloids, including low-temperature resistant glue, are also suitable for piston dispensing syringes. They can store glue which drives out glue of various properties to improve the quality and output of mobile phone screen sealing, including low-temperature resistant glue and special glue.
AD982 dispensing controller
Full Drive of Plastic Piston to Glue
The piston dispensing syringe is remarkable in its built-in piston effect. The piston's function is to fully extrude the glue evenly, which is more even than that of the dispensing syringe without piston. After the piston is driven by air pressure, the piston will gradually push forward, and the speed and flow rate of glue are controlled by the size of air pressure. It is suitable for storage dispensing of various special low-temperature resistant glue and desktop dispensing equipment. As well as the ground-based visual dispensing machine can also be equipped with this syringe to provide a full and uniform dispensing volume. The effect of using piston dispensing syringe to complete the screen sealing of mobile phones will be enhanced.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine
Medium-sized piston dispensing syringes with various specifications can be used for more diversified products. At present, there are special discounts for direct mixed batches from manufacturers. Users can call 13928403389 for details.

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