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Quality Adjustment and Control of Low Temperature Resistant

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Controlling the application of white latex in gluing and bonding is recommended to use automatic control of white latex dispensing machine for auxiliary use. The question of how long the white latex dries is often questioned in the process of user application. It is suggested that the function and property of white latex should be understood first, and that the solidification of white latex should be understood and adjusted. The solidification of white latex depends heavily on white latex such as wood board and cardboard box bonding. The application effect of production work is better, and the efficiency promotion of batch bottle cap gluing can not be ignored, so at this stage, users need to know how long the white latex dries and consider adjustments.
Adhesive white latex
Properties and Curing Factors of White Latex
To solve the problem of how long the white latex dries, we should first understand its properties. White latex is widely used and used in many adhesives. It solidifies quickly at room temperature and the bonding quality meets most of the bonding requirements. When bonding wood boards and cartons, it usually dries initially and solidifies gradually in about 3 hours. Considering the possible humidity effect when bonding wood boards. At present, the accuracy and efficiency of batch gluing with white latex dispenser in the production of bottle cap gluing are more in line with the production needs.
AB rubber three-axis dispensing machine
Ways to Promote the Curing of White Latex
How long does the white latex dry? About 3 hours, the complete drying should be in 24 hours. The automatic white latex dispenser is used to control the stability and accuracy of the glue quantity. It can be used for the glue bonding between the glued wood board and the carton and even for the gluing of the bottle cap. The glue amount can not be too much when gluing and gluing. The glued surface can be covered by a layer of glue. The strength after gluing is firm and stable, which conforms to the glued wood board and carton bonding and so on. Simple production needs, strong stickiness and not easy to become brittle. For how long the white latex dries, there are other ways to promote curing. There is also a relationship between slow curing and low content. To ensure adequate content, other additives can also be added to improve the drying and curing speed of white latex. It is helpful for the white latex dispenser to control the improvement of the quality of the gel.
Spot coated white latex
How long the white latex dries will also be affected by room temperature or water vapor. The control of the efficiency and accuracy of white latex coating by selecting a medium-sized white latex dispenser is more in line with the use of the production line.

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