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Medium-sized supply screw dispensing valve industry applicat

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The quantitative control of efficiency and accuracy of CCD visual dispenser is in many equipments. The special screw dispensing valve assembled has outstanding precision function and good application effect in controlling glue. It is stable and consistent in batch production such as battery cover glue coating and semiconductor glue coating required by batch precision. The special screw dispensing valve made in China has a large quantity of performance and consistency. Compared with ordinary rubber valves, it has more unique advantages in industry production. It provides more space for the improvement of discharge quality of automatic positioning of visual dispensing machine. It is an important flow control valve for guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy of product gluing.
Precision screw dispensing valve
Advantages of Selecting Screw Dispenser Valve
In terms of application equipment, the CCD visual dispenser uses the function of CCD camera positioning to uniformly coat the surface. The screw dispensing valve assembly in the dispensing valve has more complete control over the ratio of two components of glue. It can be used to adjust the ratio of 1:1 to 10:1. The precise control of glue volume is more advantageous than the ordinary dispensing valve. At the same time, the battery cover coating and semiconductor coating industries are applied. The effect of screw dispensing valve has been strengthened and the quality has been greatly improved. CCD visual dispensing machine can be used for batch gluing of battery cover and semiconductor products without special clamp support. Sealant and glass glue can be used as gluing adhesives in battery cover and semiconductor industries. After understanding the difference between sealant and glass glue, the glue can be adjusted by screw dispensing valve. The ratio between quantity and catalyst can be used to enhance the strength and application effect of rubber quantity.
High-speed visual dispensing machine
The effect of industrial application
CCD visual dispensing machine can be used to ensure the quality and consistency of semiconductor glue coating in popular industries. The control precision of glue quantity can be improved by the auxiliary control of screw dispensing valve. The glue output is relatively more uniform and small, which is more in line with the production needs of semiconductor glue coating and battery cover glue coating. The difference between sealant and glass glue for glue coating needs operator's attention and adjustment. After understanding its influence, adjust the proportion of catalyst, most of the proportion can be controlled by screw dispensing valve.
Screw Valve and Controller
A self-developed screw dispensing valve with neutral automation has unique advantages in the control of glue volume ratio. It can control 1:1 to 10:1 high proportion adhesives in order to greatly improve the accuracy and quality of product glue coating.

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