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Manufacturer's direct supply of single-liquid dispensing val

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There are many kinds of single-liquid dispensing valves which can be assembled by sealed dispensing machine, including different functions and suitable types of glue. The single-liquid dispensing valves with resilience and regeneration function have become the mainstream choice in the industry. The role of thimble-type glue valves in the application industry can not be ignored, and special water-based hot melting should be used in links such as underwear dispensing or garment dispensing. Adhesive, suitable for waterborne hot melt glue, the glue valve should be specially customized with the manufacturer.
Medium-sized single-liquid dispensing valves for various types
Neutral system automation mainly supplies equipment or accessories used in dispensing industry, including single-liquid dispensing valves for sealing dispensing machines and special control of single-component glue. Single-liquid dispensing valves have advantages in dispensing valves with the function of restoring and sucking. The function of restoring cylinder can be used to prevent leakage caused by strong fluidity in dispensing, and to ensure good product rate. In order to prevent the instability of dispensing, the mainstream of the control parts of the sealant dispensing machine in the industry chooses rubber valves with backdraft function, including single-liquid dispensing valves suitable for ordinary bonding hot-melt adhesives or water-based hot-melt adhesives, which are also customizable for controlling the stability and uniformity of the amount of water-based hot-melt adhesives, and suitable for batch production of underwear dispensing and garment dropping adhesives.
2121 single liquid thimble dispensing valve
High Precision of Adhesive Quantity Control by Dispensing Valve
There are many kinds of single-liquid dispensing valves. According to their functions, they can be divided into thimble-type or suction-type ones. There are also some special glue valves suitable for special glue, such as hot-melt dispensing valves for special hot-melt glue or anaerobic dispensing valves for special spot-coated anaerobic glue. The special valves suitable for controlling point-coated water-based hot-melt glue belong to the same kind. Some underwear dispensing valves and hot-melt glue for garment droplet production line The single liquid dispensing valve suitable for waterborne hot melt adhesive is suitable for application. It can control the flow of glue water steadily without leakage. The auxiliary sealing dispensing machine can control the glue with high precision and remarkable effect.
221 desktop sealed dispensing machine
A number of single liquid dispensing valves suitable for application are supplied by the neutral system for users to choose. They are suitable for underwear dispensing and garment dispensing. Demanded users can call 1392 8403389 to learn more about the types of valves.

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