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Introduction of the Special Quantitative Mixing Dynamic Disp

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The function of foaming dispenser is to control the flow of foaming rubber in the barrel quantitatively to be coated and filled in the seals, which can not be ignored with the dynamic dispensing valve of assembly. The structure of this valve is special and can control many kinds of two-component dispensing compound, including the quantitative mixing filling of foaming rubber in the barrel. It is suitable for round shell seal and fixed blowing foaming rubber in the bottom box of some sockets. The dynamic dispensing valve can be mounted on the foam dispensing machine to control the amount of glue, and has stable and efficient execution effect.
Dynamic dispensing valve for combined electric model
Recommended combination intelligent dynamic dispensing valve
Dynamic dispensing valve is a glue control valve for controlling large flow rate, which belongs to double-acting thimble type for operation. It is necessary to adjust the proportion of glue used in foaming dispensing machine with the aid of this valve. Some users have questioned whether foaming glue is waterproof. This will show that foaming glue has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect after filling. The amount of foaming glue coated on the enclosure seal can also be controlled by adding a dynamic dispensing valve with electric stirring function to the foaming dispensing machine. After quantitative mixing of the foaming glue with the aid of the mixing pipe at the bottom, the foaming glue has a higher bonding strength, a relatively high accuracy and uniformity, which makes the enclosure seal and the socket bottom box fixed efficiently and strongly. Relatively speaking, the increase is greater.
Cylindrical foam
Function and Quality of Filled Foam Gel
The rear motor of the dynamic dispensing valve can be used for rotating dispensing, so it can be used in the sealing of the shell of circular structure. The foam glue mixed quantitatively according to the proportion has the characteristics of high viscosity, anti-falling and waterproof. The foam glue after solidification has the effects of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and impact-proof. The previous questions about the waterproof of of foam glue raised by users are explained, in addition to bonding. Firm anti-falling, suitable for the application of socket bottom box fixing.
Round Capacitor Shell Seal
Dynamic dispensing valve can quantitatively mix proportion to control foam, so it is suitable for automatic dispensing machine to control the use of foam. After testing, it is found that foam can prevent water infiltration affecting integrity and quality effect, and solve the user's question about foam waterproof.

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