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Introduction of dispensing adapter for fixed sealing of need

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The function of UV dispensing machine is not repeated too much. The UV glue stored in black needle barrel needs special dispensing adapter to play a good application effect. The adapter twists tightly at the end of dispensing needle barrel to act as conveying pressure and sealing. When used for light curtain dispensing or touch screen bonding, the control point glue of UV glue can not be separated from the auxiliary use of adapter.
Needle barrel adapter
It has the function of sealing conveying air pressure.
UV dispensing machine is mainly used to precisely control the amount of UV glue stored in the black syringe, so that it can be coated to the product bonding surface for reinforcement. The special dispensing adapter connects one end to the top of the syringe, and is responsible for sealing and pneumatic conveying the black syringe storage glue. If the adapter seal is poor or partially damaged, some foreign substances in the conveying pressure will be mixed into the colloid. Affecting the bonding strength, the quality of UV glue coated at this time may be affected. These are not conducive to the use of high-precision light curtain or touch screen glue. Check whether the adapter is defective before operation. The removal of UV glue needs special methods without affecting the normal use of UV glue dispenser.
Diversiform adapter
Important Value of Practical Application
Because the UV glue dispensing machine controlled by UV glue dispensing machine needs transparent materials, it is only suitable for the application of light curtain dispensing or touch screen bonding. The dispensing adapter is bound to the black needle barrel for pneumatic driving and sealing needle barrel to avoid foreign body entry. The pneumatic source conveys the driving pressure through the trachea to the adapter and needle barrel junction, and the pneumatic pressure extrudes the built-in piston. Pressure makes UV glue flow out steadily to the coating surface. Touch screen and light screen need to adhere to the position of the glue point to have transparency, can point part of the UV glue to adhere to seal, need to check whether the adapter is partially blocked by residual glue, such as insufficient glue point or excessive blockage need to be removed by means of UV glue. Here recommended several ways can not affect the actual application of light screen point glue or touch screen bonding. Cheng.
1. Use special UV glue
2. Heating to a certain temperature to soften and remove
3. Removal of UV glue by immersion in acetone solution
331UV adhesive dispenser
The quality and integrity of dispensing adapter determine the effect of application, such as the adapter with breakage or leak needs to be removed and replaced.

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