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Hot Melt Valve for Quantitative Precision Control of Hot Mel

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There are many applications in hot melt glue coating industry. Most of the glue valves matched by the standard high speed dispenser are not suitable for hot melt glue sealing. It is necessary to carry hot melt glue valves to better control the hot melt glue for glue sealing. The solid glue is melted to the fluid shape of the softening point of hot melt glue by heating and the influence of high temperature on the valve body is prevented. Therefore, the control of hot melt glue is suitable. Valve-making has a certain level of industry demand. The high-speed dispensing machine equipped with this valve for gluing can also be called hot melt dispensing machine, which can be applied to common industrial applications such as PVC pipe gluing or packaging box sealing.
Copper hot melt dispensing valve
Relevant Introduction of Hot Melt Adhesive Valve
The copper valve body can store many kinds of high temperature and high viscosity fluid glue. The solid strip glue or rubber particles can be heated to the softening point of hot melt glue by heating the core. The heating temperature should be adjusted to the appropriate softening point and the effect of carbonization should not be too high. The temperature induction device matched with dispensing machine has a good precision, and the hot melt of this hot melt glue valve is added. The glue dispenser can be sealed to the required position with stable, high-speed and precise glue coating. The glue valves in the practical application industries such as the mainstream PVC pipe glue coating or packaging box sealing which need hot melt glue are in great demand.
Waterborne Hot Melt Adhesive
Matters needing attention in the use of rubber valves
A proper amount of solid glue should be placed in the hot melt glue valve for heating and softening to liquid state, so as to be suitable for the application of high-speed product glue coating. The melted glue should not be less than 1/3 and 4/5 higher than the total volume, and the operating space should be placed at normal temperature instead of operating hot melt glue dispenser around volatile raw materials or gases for normal sealing glue, in order to ensure the coating and package of PVC pipe. It is suggested that the heating temperature of valve and dispensing machine should be adjusted before operation, and the relevant parameters should be adjusted to the appropriate softening point of hot melt adhesive.
Melting of Hot Melt Adhesive Bar by Heating
The hot melt glue valve in the dispensing valve belongs to a specific application fluid control valve. It can store and control high temperature glue, which makes it different from other valves in appearance. It can meet most of the high-speed manufacturing production in application effect and glue control ability, so as to realize the batch application in the demand of PVC pipe gluing or packaging box sealing.

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