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3131 dispensing valve with automatic filling and flow contro

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The device used for automatic filling and controlling glue flow is called dispensing valve. The 3131 dispensing valve is recommended by the industry. It can effectively stabilize the glue collection and pipe mixing. Good sealing effect is the voucher used to prevent adverse effects such as wire drawing and dripping glue. It supports a variety of high-speed automatic filling dispensing machines to match and control the flow, and supports the application of 3131 dispensing valve in the industry. This dispensing valve is one of the choices supported by many high-speed dispensing machines in filling applications for cable filling or lamp sealing.
3131 backdraft dispensing valve
Introduce the application characteristics of dispensing valve
Sus304 stainless steel 3131 dispensing valve has strong and durable characteristics, can control a variety of range of viscosities of rubber or fluid control, and corrosion resistance is excellent and easy to clean, can be processed within 1 mm control flow dispensing, line width control to 1 Mm and dispensing diameter to 1.2 mm fine degree, recovery and absorption. The model is used to control medium and low concentration fluids and prevent leakage. Various types of high-speed dispensers can carry this valve for quantitative control. The automatic filling dispenser with 3131 dispensing valve for high-speed and stable control can be used to complete the filling of various types of rubber fluids and other applications to ensure the accuracy of the path and the stability of the rubber. Qualitative can be used for a long time to control the filling rubber to achieve sealing effect, so it can be used in the industry of cable filling rubber or lamp sealing. It should be noted that to increase the viscosity of fluid droplets such as glue, appropriate curing accelerators can be added to accelerate the curing degree.
Standard version backdraft dispensing valve
Fluid Control Applicable to Industry with Accuracy Requirements
At present, the industry that needs glue stability control is mainly concentrated in the LED industry. The sealing of LED lamps is coated and sealed to ensure that the luminescent tubes are not affected by glue. Therefore, the effect of flow control can be applied in the production line of LED lamps by selecting intelligent automatic filling dispensing machine with 3131 dispensing valve. After setting the execution path and parameters, the compound will be automatically driven to the rubber valve. 3131 dispensing valve is controlled by air pressure supply to ensure that the compound can be completely coated to the sealing surface to complete the production and use of the whole process of lamps. If the adhesive covering the sealing surface of lamps is found to be not good, appropriate curing promotion can be added. In order to achieve complete coverage and sealing effect, lamp after controlling flow seal in waterproof and dust-proof performance, the same cable filling glue application link will set the path and press operation to control 3131 point glue valve alignment filling.
Sealing and dispensing of lamps and lanterns
The application of the neutral 3131 dispensing valve can be installed in the automatic filling dispensing equipment. It can also be used with the mode of pressure barrel hand holding to align the filling seal. When the automatic filling control flow rate is completed, attention should be paid to the dosage of curing accelerator. If the dosage is too much, it will be difficult to control the adhesive quality.

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