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What kind of glue is suitable for high speed dispenser?

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Large dispenser called floor type dispenser, size and working plane than traditional desktop dispensing confidential so that the working efficiency, also doubled, can apply glue very much, then lists several features for special glue.
Various dispensing glue
The PU rubber is more commonly used in a high viscosity glue, glue and water in addition to this PU glue also applies PU glue called polyurethane glue and 103 glue, adhesive effect is the best natural two-component PU glue, after a large high speed dispensing machine after treatment can do surface treatment agent. Need to pay attention to cannot be applied to oily materials with high adhesion, due to material like rubber so has good heat resistance, can be used to paste shoe upper and the sole, of course, the need to add curing agent can be achieved.
Anaerobic adhesive for large high speed dispenser
UV is also a special disposal to the normal use of the UV glue, also called shadowless glue, not easily volatile at room temperature, and good adhesive effect is often used for chip packaging and plastic bonding process, the need to pay attention to is exposed to ultraviolet UV will fast curing, some surface is wet plane can also bond large high speed dispensing could solve many different problems, can be loaded in the UV lamp high-speed dispensing machine, convenient to use this glue.
Floor type high speed dispenser
Red gum is also a kind of special glue, when the temperature in the curing will start to 150 degrees Celsius, so the properties of relatively stable, mainly for bonding parts which adhered to the workpiece, the red gum paste in the uncured state belongs to the former, so the dispenser itself has certain challenges, including large high-speed dispensing machine the work is very stable and can handle most of the different properties including glue, paste glue.

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