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Special solenoid valve for high precision high speed dispens

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The dispensing machine industry is the most important requirements of the dispensing machine, not only needs to have a high speed and with high precision, with these techniques in order to survive in the competitive environment, so need to use the glue dispensing machine parts the best, high speed dispensing machine to this configuration appears to complete the challenge and survive in the market competition.
Electromagnetic dispensing return valve
Want dispensing machine can have high speed and high precision need to use solenoid valve, two bit three way solenoid valve is special valve for dispensing machine. Solenoid valve is the use of electromagnetic coil and magnetic drive spool movement, the use of this can be precise control of the glue, and the valve switch quickly, you can quickly break glue.
The use of solenoid valve, pneumatic valve is better than the use of glue, is a liquid, the use of electromagnetic valve can prevent outflow, can also control the hose inside the glue, but also can use the computer system control valve, which can perfectly control the amount of glue, the price is cheap, very suitable high-speed dispensing machine manufacturers use.
Electromagnetic working valve for high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine when the electromagnetic valve should pay attention to cleanliness, because the electromagnetic valve has a high requirement for the cleanliness, not internal glue being micro particles, or not suitable for electromagnetic valve control glue, glue concentration on is also required, can not use the concentration of relatively thick glue, such as phosphor dispensing, because fluorescence is granular items can not be used in LED phosphor dispensing, general glue can still be used.
Large high speed dispenser
The solenoid valve is used to high precision high speed dispensing machine, because it is better to control the amount of glue, if used in the wrong place can replace the dispensing valve, now high precision dispensing machine can use rubber valve more, such as high speed, high speed jet dispensing valve valve, high-speed spray valve, these are the dispensing valve you can use, but these valves are more expensive.

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