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A brief introduction to the types of dispensing needles suit

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When dispensing, it is necessary to adjust the dispensing amount with a rubber needle. The needle used to control the instantaneous dispensing amount is the instantaneous rubber needle. We should also pay attention to these problems when dispensing at high speed.
Various types of dispensing needles are used in dispensing machines. According to the classification of materials, such as rust-proof dispensing needles, Teflon dispensing needles, all-plastic dispensing needles, and needles suitable for instantaneous dispensing. Different dispensing machines use different dispensing needles and change different types of needles under different circumstances.
Special Teflon Instantaneous Rubber Needle
Instantaneous rubber needle material
For dispensing machines, instant glue is usually used as glue, because instant glue is easy to stick at room temperature, so it is said that special needles can be used for this purpose, otherwise the needle may be blocked, glue can not dispense. Some parts of the drive system of the quick dispensing machine are made of Teflon. This material has the advantages of waterproofing and non-sticking. It is suitable for dispensing of instant glue. Therefore, when dispensing machine completes dispensing, Teflon needle is used.
Instantaneous drying UV adhesive
Selection of Instantaneous Rubber Needle Specification
Then the dispenser chooses the type of the instantaneous rubber needle. How to choose the size of the needle? The aperture of ordinary needle is not less than 144 G, not more than 35G. Instantaneous rubber needle is set according to standard specifications, which is also suitable for Teflon needle used in dispensing machine. In order to use conveniently, the dispensing needle usually belongs to the disassembly category. When using quick-drying rubber shoes, the dispensing needle should be as small as possible. Under special circumstances, there are strict regulations on the requirement of fitting the upper. The operator can change the instantaneous glue needle to the specified size. However, small size needles have the advantage of improving the bonding accuracy of upper and other materials.
UV coating dispenser
Whether you buy instant glue needles or wholesale customized instant glue dispenser, you can choose to make automation. Neutral automation can provide dispensing equipment to satisfy user's production choices, and provide corresponding solutions to improve user's production quality and efficiency.

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