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Wear of parts of cantilever high speed dispensing machine

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Machinery in the work, regardless of the appearance of wear and tear parts will appear. Then we should know the work in high speed dispensing machine long after the cantilever, in which parts inside it is very easy to damage, so I can not for these parts of regular lubrication and maintenance work, in order to prolong the life of the cantilever high-speed dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine accident preventing. This time we're going to study the distribution of accessories that can be easily damaged by cantilevered high speed dispensing machines.
Cantilever dispensing manipulator
Cantilever high speed dispensing machine is mainly easily damaged parts of two categories, 1, glue and contact pressure to the parts, such as punching bag, plunger, plunger ring, piston rod, exhaust valve, rotor, gas cavity and so on. 2, the glue has not contact with the pressure of the external conveyor, such as: bearing, slider, connecting gear, etc..
Electric dispensing valve
Wear is the most frequent phenomenon in the air pump operating mechanism of the cantilever high speed dispensing machine. The main wear parts include metal bearing rod, metal key slot and nut glyph and other built-in components, we generally in these parts of the repair glue is welding and spraying the two gilded mainstream repair mode. But there's a flaw in the two of them, and there's no perfect solution.
Dispensing gear pump
The air pump in high speed dispensing machine cantilever components in the use of high temperature welding will cause a large number of high temperature heat, which is difficult to remove the sequelae, repair parts are very easy to make end again more serious damage, it will cause the distortion of parts or cracking phenomenon. The coating is easy to fall off because of the limited thickness of the coating due to the technical limitation. Although these measures can temporarily remedy the wear phenomenon in dispensing parts, they can not solve the problem completely.

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