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Characteristics of fluorine rubber

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Fluorine rubber FR excellent in heat resistance and oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace automobile electric appliances, automobile engine sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber, which is an important package parts made by dispensing technology and related equipment, from the last century in 40s developed a variety of fluorine different rubber, and widely used.
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The stability of fluorine rubber is elastic material in the medium resistance effect is the best, in normal temperature environment the quality change rate is very low, can be used for a long time at 300 degrees Celsius in the environment, some new excellent fluorine rubber can even maintain its high elasticity and high quality of the normal use of 400 degrees Celsius in the environment, characteristics the higher the intensity of the tear can be widely applied in different fields.
Permeability is small fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber sealing ring is used for this is also the reason for automotive engines, although the gas solubility diffusion but is not strong, so can play a good sealing effect, some fluorine rubber at 30 degrees Celsius under normal temperature on gas permeability than other similar liquids low. However, fluorine rubber is difficult to use in low temperature environment, fluorine rubber will be thinner and brittle because of low temperature, so the sealing ring made of fluorine rubber is used in a certain temperature work environment.
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Fluorine rubber than the same elastomer radiation effect is poor, and some fluorine rubber under the action of radiation will begin to split, disintegration, so generally do not need in the chemical industry. The fluorine rubber sealing ring can be applied to various kinds of precision mechanical equipment besides the automobile sealing ring. The sealing ring has high quality, good sealing performance and long service life.

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