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Simple description of manual dispensing machine parts

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Manual dispensing machine is a kind of packaging equipment named according to its automation degree. Its main characteristics are flexible packaging, low distribution cost and poor packaging accuracy. This is related to the components of manual dispensing machine. Manual dispensing machine is one of the filling equipment which is in great demand by packaging application manufacturers. Its main components include power switch, air pressure regulator, barometer, mode switch and fixing device. Time control, vacuum control, breathing hole, pedal switch socket, intake pipe, drop-by-drop injection volume, etc. Following is the manual dispensing machine parts operation instructions and a brief description.
Manual control coating dispenser
It is well known that the power switch of manual dispensing machine is used to control the opening and closing of power supply. It plays an important role in the parts of manual dispensing machine. When the manual dispensing machine is working, the power supply is connected, the indicator light is on and the display position is started. The barometer and the barometer are used to control and indicate the pressure added to the machine (the handle of the regulator should be adjusted after pulling out). The control circuit of the glue machine is placed in automatic or manual dropping mode, while the mode switch is used more frequently.
Semi-automatic control switch
The timing control in the parts of manual dispensing machine is used to adjust the dripping time, while the vacuum control part is mainly used to adjust the vacuum backdraft strength applied to the air circuit. At this time, the breathing hole of manual dispensing machine is a fast connected breathing socket, the pedal switch socket is used to connect the pedal switch, and the high-pressure air enters through the intake pipe so that the dripping volume classification is used to control the dripping time group. Components are usually divided into several grades.

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