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The type of dispensing syringe and the method of selecting s

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With the development of dispensing industry, the dispensing mode has increased relatively, and the accessories used for all aspects of gluing have become more and more abundant. As one of the core accessories of dispensing machine, dispensing syringe has the function of storing glue and dispensing, and how to select the appropriate dispensing syringe.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
At present, the sizes of plastic dispensing needles commonly used in dispensing machine are 30cc, 55CC, 100cc and 200cc respectively. Select the sizes of dispensing syringe, and then match the controller and adapter according to the syringe. The main function of the controller is to provide air pressure and reverse suction to prevent glue leakage and wire pulling. The adapter is used to provide air pressure delivery pipe and sealing device, and put glue into the plastic syringe, Install the dispensing adapter, turn on the small point reverse suction function, to prevent the glue from dropping, and then dispensing can be carried out.
Amber applicator cartridge
In addition, the glue properties, glue viscosity and glue chemical properties should also be considered in the selection of dispensing syringe. For example, for quick drying glue, the dispensing syringe with safety piston and polytetrafluoroethylene lining should be used to store glue. For the instant glue with strong viscosity, the tapered Teflon needle head can prevent the glue from solidifying inside. If UV glue is used, amber dispensing is needed Transparent dispensing needles cannot be used for syringes, white pistons and plastic steel dispensing needles.
Hand push disposable syringe
According to different kinds of glue, different kinds of syringes can be selected to be more effective to ensure the quality of glue used. Dispensing syringes are divided into single fluid and double fluid, including adapter insertion, no loose edge, no tilt, no bubble, inner wall and piston closely cooperate to ensure smooth drainage, no dripping, no crack on the wall of reinforced inert polypropylene material, and chemical products are not easy to produce Influence.

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