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Application value of dispensing drive motor in dispensing ma

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First of all, we should carefully study the dispensing machine. For the operation environment of the dispensing machine, it must be a quiet place from the environment, and there must be no vibration. If the vibration is too large to interfere with the accuracy of dispensing, the efficiency in the operation process of the dispensing machine is not very fast. Therefore, the dispensing drive motor used on the upper side must be free of noise and vibration in the low-speed process, only through Constant stepping motor can't be used. Selecting stepping driver according to the division can remove noise and vibration. Because the dispensing machine is specifically produced by an XY platform, it only needs to operate according to the track. The product quality produced according to the composition of stepping driver + dispensing driving motor can be guaranteed fundamentally, and the production efficiency will be greatly improved.
Small step motor
In the process of slow efficiency, the operation performance of conventional stepper motor will be greatly reduced. In the process of 350-650 revolutions in one minute, we will pay special attention to the customer whether it is no-load and must run under load. In this process, sufficient torque must be guaranteed for the dispensing drive motor so that it can run normally under the condition of driving load The motor + step driver still has advantages in matching with system compatibility and positioning, torque, response, noise and dynamic performance. The product is used in laser engraving machine, precision medical equipment, textile, advertising and other fields. The cost-effective teaching function of the product is also excellent. The user selection can greatly save costs, especially the dispensing drive motor In order to have a variety of partition function, can greatly reduce the calorific value of dispensing drive, the size is also smaller.
Precision dispensing platform

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