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Visual assistant system that can help improve efficiency and

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The intelligent system of "precise vision, high-speed chip placement" integrates dispensing and chip placement. Its specific function: through the visual aid system, it can distinguish, locate, dispensing, sort and paste multiple angles and types of workpieces. The system is divided into three modules: visual dispensing, visual patch and transmission belt. Users only need to load a variety of templates, to be able to carry out discrimination on various types of workpieces, dispensing, pasting, simple operation, fast operation. With excellent performance and high reliability, it is a good solution for dispensing industry, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and qualification rate of electronic components, and enhance the competitiveness of customers.
Large floor type visual dispensing device
Basic functional requirements:
Robot obtains weight
Patch category
Sector area with radius of 400mm and 270 degrees
Visual automatic dispensing machine
Dispensing efficiency of visual aid system 7200pcs / h, patch 2400pcs / h
Dispensing and mounting method
Static dispensing and mounting
Basic principle:
With the help of vision system, the manipulator equipped with suction nozzle picks up the disordered chips on the loading table one by one, places them accurately on the fixture and arranges them. High precision manipulator combined with visual assistant system for high precision sticking.
Special visual dispensing device
1. Intelligent automatic visual positioning auxiliary positioning, accurate and convenient positioning, without fixture; multiple high-definition cameras can be installed to associate visual correction system, so as to achieve the precision of machine placement; various workpieces can be freely converted; workpieces can be placed freely and accurately.
2. The quick dispensing efficiency is 7200 pcs per hour, and the patch efficiency is up to 2400 pcs per hour.
3. The accuracy rate shall be over 98.5%, the angle range of the patch shall be 0-360 degrees, and the dispensing and placement accuracy shall be 0.05mm.
4. Easy to use: PC + control card + independent professional software, stable visual aid system, easy to use and easy to learn. Personalized system interface, easy to set parameters; with file loading function, convenient for workpiece conversion; fast operation, easy to operate; test paste function, more convenient for function test.
5. The powerful system has complete functions, and the programming coordinates are displayed in digital and graphical dynamic mode. The system adopts database system, various types of PCB programming can be stored, easy to use, product programming once, long-term use.
6. Customization according to customer needs, the industry R & D department will customize the industry for you and create a stable, efficient and stable production line.

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