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What role does the hydraulic pipe joint play in the multi po

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Hydraulic pipe joint is divided into several hydraulic pipes used in multi station high speed dispensing machine is high pressure flexible hose, hydraulic rubber tube can be used for rapidly, after finished using the glue dispensing machine need glue, glue process can not change into the internal air hose, this device can be used for quick connector.
Double station silica gel high speed dispenser
Multi station high speed dispensing machine in the dispensing is relatively fast, the daily production quantity, so the use of glue consumption faster, need a few times each day to replace the glue, glue the replacement process of air is easy to enter the internal hose, this glue is point out the problem of uneven dispensing quality will decline.
Multi position high speed dispenser
The use of hydraulic pipe replacement device of glue is fast, but also in the middle of a manual switch, the switch is off, the air can not enter the hose for glue inside, more do not enter into the dispensing valve of multi station high speed dispensing machine in the bubble formation, can effectively reduce the problem of uneven glue.
The hydraulic pipe joint is a one-way valve, it only can not come out, it will make full of internal pressure hose, multi station high speed dispensing machine using suction valve, as will the needles is too small to form a back pressure, because the air pressure inside the domestic extrusion will form a lot of pressure, and the hydraulic pipe fittings not back pressure to the pressure tank, thus forming two shares considerable pressure in multi station high speed dispensing machine, it can also make the dispensing needle leakage problem.
Double station silica gel high speed dispenser
The multi position high speed glue dispenser uses hydraulic pipe joints to strengthen the fixed function, so that the air pressure pipe and the air pressure tank are firmly fixed, so that the dispensing and stamping are more convenient, and the next cleaning dispenser is more convenient to be lifted.

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