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Recognition of dispensing system is an important part of vis

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The vision system of the machine can visualize all the data of things, so it is more convenient to have a visual recognition dispensing system for diversified follow-up work, but only two-dimensional images of things can be obtained by a single camera. Although three-dimensional vision can bring three-dimensional data, but for the same appearance, only things with different angles cannot be identified (if there are holes, steps, etc.). And there are corresponding standards for the ambient light, which are not sensitive to the light, east-west materials, etc., and the design is relatively simple. Through the visual recognition dispensing system, the distance between the point to be measured and the sensor can be obtained immediately. Therefore, when operating the visual dispensing machine, the standards for the working environment are very high, and the region and state of the manipulator end actuator are formulated, so that it can be in the appropriate region Correct dispensing.
Test industrial lens
Operating system principle and design
The operating system consists of manipulator, CCD, machine vision system and corresponding signal analysis module. CCD is installed on the actuator at the end of manipulator to form hand eye vision, and the two-dimensional picture to be identified and dispensing can be obtained by CCD.
Special industrial manufacturing inspection lens
Control system gives
The key of image processing is to make a correct description of the appearance of the East and the west, which involves the following processes: image edge grabbing and perimeter tracking.
Feature point grabbing: curve segmentation and segment recognition, graphic representation and identification. Therefore, this part needs to use visual recognition dispensing system to assist the work. After grabbing the edge of the East-West picture, the edge optimization shall be done according to the perimeter, the pseudo edge points and noise points shall be removed, and the edge points forming the closed curve shall be coded, and the angle of each chain code and the X-Y coordinate system of each point on the curve shall be counted, which is advantageous To deepen the understanding of the geometric characteristics of things.
Cabinet type automatic dispensing device
The visual dispenser has a good effect of noise reduction and improvement. After cleaning up the images of the East and the west, it can grasp some characteristics of the target, such as the coordinates of the center of shape, the total area, the refractive index, the edge, the corner and the short axis angle of the East and the West. According to this kind of characteristic data, we can get the main expression of eastern and Western styles. In the frame of image processing, the computer will recognize the data of dispensing system and make a judgment, then do a good job of image matching and identification, and adjust the manipulator to do a good job of dispensing with the best dispensing trajectory.

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