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Special cleaning agent for silver paste high speed dispenser

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After the high speed dispensing machine used for a period of time, the need for maintenance and maintenance, but also need to do cleaning work, each will have a silver paste onto the high speed dispensing machine base, in the course of time will have a lot of residual silver paste in the above, do not glue residue to protect, but will protect the paint high speed dispensing machine failure surface, it will speed up the dispensing machine is to use time.
Double station silver pulp high speed dispenser
There are many kinds of cleaning methods on the market, but these methods are not suitable for cleaning silver high speed dispensing machine, because the properties of silver paste to use, so need to use silver paste special cleaning agent, a diluent is called a-terpineol, produced a special cleaning solution, some glue component decomposition the silver paste inside, it can destroy the molecular structure of silver colloid, so it does not cure effect.
The use of terpineol diluent also have a disadvantage, because of improper disposal can pollute the surrounding environment, it is the green environmental protection law is not in line with national requirements, so the use of the process requires careful handling special solvent, can not let it flow into the sewer, this method started not many enterprises to use, then this cleaning agent is after improvement, and now can be recycled solvent cleaning, cleaning such convenient high-speed dispensing machine for silver paste.
Single head silver paste high speed dispenser
There are a lot of silver metal, can not discharge into the surrounding rivers, water resources will not affected by heavy metals, and it will waste a lot of resources, can put the silver paste for dilution, the silver recovery, which can reduce the cost of enterprises.
Cleaning agent for high speed dispenser
Need to pay attention to high speed dispensing machine cleaning paste when the problem can not be sloppy, protect the environment, maximize the use of resources, is the enterprise development concept.

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