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Replace sealing ring of AB dispensing rubber valve

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The selection of AB glue two-component glue will definitely select the two-component glue valve. If the glue valve leaks, how to replace the sealing ring of the glue valve? In general, the leakage of rubber valve is that the sealing ring is corroded, resulting in the reduction of tightness, which may lead to the leakage of rubber valve. Let me talk about the process of replacing the sealing ring of two-component rubber valve.
AB glue double liquid dispensing valve
Taking the two-component dispensing valve selected by the power dispenser in the dispensing of the ring-shaped transformer as an example, this paper studies how to replace the sealing ring of the rubber valve. When the two-component dispensing valve overflows, it studies the factors that cause such a situation. If the surface of the two-component dispensing valve is not damaged at all, it is usually the case of the sealing ring, and the two-component dispensing valve should also be removed and replaced from the AB dispensing machine After that, remove the inner glue, and then select clean water to wash the place where the inner glue valve leaks.
The two-component dispensing valve can be divided into two parts, the upper part is the cylinder, the lower part is the rubber cylinder, and the place where the sealing rings are to be replaced is from each other. The cylinder controls the axis to move up and down, the glue is pushed to the upper part of the rubber cylinder, and it contacts the sealing ring well. After a long time, the sealing ring is slowly corroded, and there is bound to be rubber leakage. After the rubber cylinder is removed and replaced, use pliers Pull out the already corroded sealing ring, and then add a new sealing ring. It is impossible to select the general sealing ring. Otherwise, the sealing ring will be replaced after the selection of the two-component dispensing valve for some time, which will delay the project.
Built in rubber sealing ring
It is also very simple to replace the sealing ring of the rubber valve. At the same time, the internal structure of the two-component point rubber valve is clear and simple to assemble. If it is not forced to dismantle and replace, it is not easy to damage the rubber valve or select again. If it is not easy to dismantle, it will be sent to the AB dispenser manufacturer for repair. If it is forced to dismantle and replace, it is easy to deform the two-component point rubber valve, so it is impossible to do a good job in the ring transformer Dispensing, also can not be assembled in the power dispensing machine selection. Do not understand the use, consult the management
The dispensing regulation is to mix the glue and do the dispensing well. Because the damaged two-component dispensing valve has been removed and replaced, the dispensing regulation can not be satisfied for a long time, so the dispensing valve structure can not be changed, which must be kept in mind. The replacement of sealing ring of two-component dispensing valve is also a common situation. If you don't know how to use it, you can also consult the management personnel of AB dispensing machine manufacturer, who will teach you the corresponding process. Like the working principle of dispensing valve, if you don't understand it, you will receive zero training until you know how to use it.
Plunger type automatic dispensing machine
The use of the power dispensing machine is much more complicated than that of the general dispensing machine, such as the change of the proportion of glue, the operation of the glue output and the selection of the mixing pipe. There are many rules for filling glue and the working principle of the dispensing valve, which are very complicated to select. Only the replacement of the sealing ring of the glue valve is more complicated than that of the single liquid dispensing valve. After all, two sealing rings need to be placed, which can't lead to imbalance, and the use is more complicated.
The working principle of dispensing valve is to combine the two kinds of glues into one through three-way mixing rubber cylinder. By mixing the glue completely through mixing pipe, AB glue dispensing can be achieved. The power dispenser uses this measure to carry out dispensing regulation of circular transformer, and selects manpower to mix in advance, which simply causes glue condensation, without glue filling. It is not only necessary to understand the working principle of replacing the sealing ring of the two-component dispensing valve, but also to know the working principle of selecting the dispensing valve, so as to meet the dispensing regulations more effectively. If you don't understand, you can consult the AB dispensing machine manufacturer.

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