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The effect and principle of glue valve for glue sprayer

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The effect of the glue valve of the glue sprayer is to regulate the output of the liquid. The glue valve is the core of a glue sprayer to carry out the glue spraying task smoothly, just like the valve of the big reservoir, which is used to control the water volume of the big reservoir.
Stainless steel spray valve
This is the function of the glue valve of the lower glue sprayer. When the solenoid coil of the glue valve is plugged in, the moving iron core is attracted to promote the valve seat to move up, and the spring is reduced together, so that the valve seat and the middle hole (pilot hole) of the valve core are separated. The liquid in the upper cavity of the valve core is discharged from the middle hole at once. After the pressure is released, the valve core floats up faster under the effect of the upper and lower cavity pressure, and the glue valve of the glue sprayer is enabled. When the coil of the glue valve of the glue spraying machine is cut off, the valve seat closes the middle hole of the valve core under the action of the spring force, and promotes the valve core to slide down, blocks the liquid outlet, and the glue spraying valve is closed. Through this series of self reduction, the glue will be spewed out smoothly like the bullet of a pressure rifle. By using the height of the pressure value of the PA, the glue spraying pressure can be stabilized within the appropriate standard to complete the normal glue spraying operation of the glue spraying machine.
Three axis platform spray dispensing machine
Use this function to understand and study the glue sprayer alone. If the 3D visual control technology of the glue sprayer is our brain, then the glue valve of the glue sprayer is the central adjustable nervous system, the equipment is the trunk, the glue valve is the limbs, with the comprehensive xzy axis covering the glue sprayer, the upper, lower, left and right covering the glue sprayer standard, and the effect of the glue valve of the glue sprayer is the flow Adjust the volume flow carefully.

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