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PP dispensing needle used with high speed dispensing machine

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Now the high-speed dispenser we use is mainly a pneumatic dispenser. As long as the air source is connected, it can drive the glue to extrude the glue. PP dispensing needle made of polypropylene is used in a special production. The needle made of this material is different from the common stainless steel needle. Its hardness is lower than that made of stainless steel, so some production work will use this easy Consumable parts.
PP flexible dispensing needle
PP, as we often say, is made of hot propylene, which has special properties of insoluble water. Its melting point reaches 160 ℃, so it will have relatively high heat resistance. The purpose of adding this special dispensing needle is to avoid scratching the surface of the moving material. When the moving shaft of the high-speed dispensing machine runs faster, the needle may scratch the surface material too fast, which leads to the appearance of defective products One reason is that while controlling fluid dispensing, it can also prevent it from affecting the value of the material surface. It can be used on the surface of various electronic products sealing or filling materials.
Stainless steel hard needle
This kind of PP dispensing needle can accurately align with the base material surface for dispensing, which is inseparable from the stability control of the high-speed dispensing machine. The high-quality dispensing needle manufacturers can carry out a large amount of special customization, which will be more in line with the actual production needs from the perspective of comprehensive application, and the fine structure can effectively avoid the impact of leakage, so that the dispensing machine presents a high-speed, stable and accurate dispensing Quantity.
Double tube dispensing needle
The hot polypropylene needle can be glued on the gluing surface with high precision. Only high-quality and well-known manufacturers can provide more stable and precise PP dispensing needles for manufacturers. The Chinese system automation has high technology content and high-tech mastery in the whole dispensing machine field. In addition to the supply of PP dispensing needles, it also supports a large number of other types of needles The head can be matched and customized.

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