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Glue type of high speed dispenser

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The dispensing machine on the market is to help enterprises to complete dispensing task, now the product development more and more quickly, the product type is all sorts of strange things, the dispensing technology requirements also gradually improve, dispensing technology from manual dispensing now high speed glue dispensing, which is the needs of domestic development, so the technical requirements will face dispensing machine more and more high, can not meet the requirements of product dispensing, will be out of the market.
Anaerobic adhesives used in high speed dispenser
The use of high speed dispensing machine certainly can not ignore the glue, glue and various points can meet various requirements of the glue dispensing machine, this was welcomed by the market, not only high speed dispensing machine capable of fast dispensing operation, and can use most of the glue dispensing, but also to meet the mobile phone industry, electronic industry, LED lighting industry etc..
Special cylinder needle for dispensing
High speed dispensing machine can use glue silicone, UV adhesive, sealant, quick drying glue, red glue, glue, glue glue can not be used because of some characteristics, such as: AB, use the glue require two cylinder, because is divided into A glue and B glue, this is two different two kinds of glue, glue mixing occurs solidification reaction, so the high speed dispensing machine is not configured such devices cannot be used to use AB glue, glue dispensing machine are arranged according to the characteristics of how the use of.
High speed three axle dispenser
The glue use needs to pay special attention to the place is the glue concentration, glue quality, use high speed dispensing needle size type, in the dispensing process glue concentration will affect the solidification time and high concentration of glue dispensing velocity slow, the speed is too fast, there will be leakage problems, will affect the service life of the glue glue expired or will the occurrence of package is not good, the needle can be adjusted using glue glue volume flow rate and the size of the needle can some glue problem can be replaced by different types of solution.

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