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Needle selection of Longmen floor type high speed dispenser

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Longmen landing dispenser is a large dispensing equipment, not only has high accuracy at dispensing machine, but also have a high speed dispensing, so Longmen type high speed dispensing machine has the most advanced dispensing technology, with high speed and high precision dispensing is not necessarily a good point to point glue. The selection and configuration of other accessories such as: configuring the dispensing valve substandard, certainly not a perfect glue point.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
According to Longmen landing type high speed dispensing machine requires the selection of accessories installed, so choose out the parts to meet the dispensing requirements, but the choice of needles is need to choose according to dispensing and glue, especially with glue, otherwise there may be water drawing, glue glue drips, needle glue leakage problem.
Selection of various needle sizes
The dispensing needle selection will affect the use of glue, if you choose a small needle, landing gantry type high speed dispensing glue concentration is too large, will be blocked when the flow rate of the glue, glue dispensing instructions to a contest, but not up to the requirements, the dot effect is not good, will affect the quality of products. The use of suction machine, the hose will form back pressure, needle leak gum problem.
If the Longmen floor type high-speed dispensing needle is too large, the glue concentration is too small, there will be leakage problems and glue drawing. The best dispensing needle selection is based on glue point selection, dispensing needle as long as half of the glue point can be, glue concentration need to test the product to know how to use the concentration of glue is the most appropriate.
Large Longmen numerical control dispensing machine
Longmen floor type high speed dispensing has very good dispensing conditions, as long as in other conditions can be configured, dispensing effect will be significantly improved.

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