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Maintenance of mechanical arm of high speed dispenser

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The mechanical arm has a high position in the high speed dispensing machine, no mechanical arm, dispensing machine cannot be dispensing operation, the mechanical arm can not only control the dispensing, dispensing mode can realize multidimensional, high-speed dispensing machine all application of the mechanical arm, using mechanical arm is the need for maintenance work, in order to maintain the mechanical arm the daily maintenance workload, the mechanical arm parts are loose, in the maintenance process need to be checked.
High speed dispensing manipulator
The use of mechanical arm can be used in many ways to speed glue dispensing machine, such as semiconductor package and circuit board package, LED package industry, these are the tasks needed to three-dimensional dispensing dispensing technology, so the mechanical arm is very important in high speed dispensing machine, a day before production requires a check the mechanical arm, to ensure the quality of dispensing.
Mobile high speed dispensing robot arm
After long time operation, the mechanical arm high speed dispensing machine on the left a lot of dust, the dust will increase the friction coefficient of the dispenser, a long time without cleaning, mechanical arm operation speed will be these things, dispensing effect will decrease, the Z axis automatic shift also has some influence, so to the cleaning of the manipulator, also fixed arm parts, do not let it loose.
Dispensing manipulator
X/y is the two balance shaft, the problems are not many, as long as every month to add some oil into two, ensure not be track wear, affect the balance of x/y, but the Z axis high speed dispensing machine is difficult, because the Z axis will appear automatically shift, every time the maintenance mechanical arm disassembly Z axis, and then installed into the correct position, and the lubrication of the rail and the pulley, adjust the position of the Z axis.

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