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Metering gear pump white aluminum silver high-speed dispensi

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Aluminum silver high speed dispensing machine use pump has many kinds, the best is the measurement of gear pump, the pump technology is mature, with good dispensing technology, to control the amount of glue can reach 0.05mm, precision control technology, the measurement of gear pump was approved by the company, now a lot of high speed dispensing machine is used to control the the role of measuring gear pump aluminum paste.
Large steel gear pump
Metering gear pump with traditional pump, but it is a new design concept, using the total number of sealing parts manufacturing, have smooth, low noise, high control precision, speed and other characteristics, is suitable for high speed dispensing machine for aluminum paste dispensing, not only to the surrounding environment influence, but also have the efficiency of the work, build the measurement of gear pump technology is more advanced.
Small metering gear pump
Use of measuring gear pump is in order to help high-speed dispensing machine aluminum paste dispensing control, in the electronics industry for dispensing machine is a high degree of precision, high speed dispensing machine can achieve this requirement is the measurement of gear pump has played a key role.
In addition to improve the speed of aluminum paste dispensing accuracy, but also can play the role of cleaning, metering gear pump can provide the cleaning effect, thus reducing the high speed dispensing machine cleaning aluminum paste steps, after the operator work completed, as long as the measuring pump for cleaning, convenient operation and dispensing machine.
Dispensing gear pump
Aluminum silver high speed dispensing machine using measuring gear pump has two modes, one is mechanical seal, second kinds of packing seal, the two models can be based on high speed dispensing machine using different ways to choose, because the two modes are have different strengths.

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