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Glue glue for high speed dispensing robot

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High speed dispensing robot actually belongs to collectively, it is also divided into many different types, which is with high speed dispensing machine to use the glue between the glue dispensing characteristics, each one has its own merits, is not the same, so high-speed dispensing robot will appear so many different types of dispensing mode and method of use, it is need for high speed dispensing improved robot, can be suitable for different use of glue.
Anaerobic adhesive used in high speed dispensing robot
AB is a kind of high speed glue glue dispensing robot is used, but this kind of glue two glue is combined in a single use, A glue, B is hardening agent, so we need to transform high speed dispensing robot, need two barrel glue separately, so there will be no hardening effect but in the dispensing process needs to be mixed, so ordinary high speed dispensing robot without this transformation is not able to complete the task.
Is the use of high speed adhesive dispensing robot a glue, is used in the electronics industry and optical fields, and the glue dispensing process can not be irradiated with ultraviolet rays or did not complete the task of dispensing glue, hardened in the rubber tube, which is also characteristic of glue, so the high speed dispensing robot with glue dispensing task.
Large scale high speed dispensing robot
The red gum also belongs to the high speed dispensing robot using glue, the glue is very special, need to be heated to the temperature of curing, fluidity glue is very good, to the point of glue hasn't seep into the other parts will be hardened to so that you can not reach the point of sizing effect, so need to be heated to about thirty degrees in the dispensing, reduce the liquidity of the glue, this high-speed dispensing robot can dispense a good glue.

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