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Operation demonstration box of high speed dispenser for dry

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The main application stage in each dispensing equipment manufacturing or packaging is responsible for the adhesion work system can quickly complete the dispensing work target control through precise dispensing, the operator can immediately complete dispensing programming work is mainly depend on the realization of teaching box, the teach box can help the operator quickly carry out corresponding program according to the demand.
Operation instruction box for high speed dispensing machine
High speed dispensing machine teaching box is mainly used for storage equipment, to carry out efficient programming work through the electronic system or computer system, through the teaching box programming enables high-speed dispensing machine has the characteristics of artificial intelligence. The teach box programming can be carried out after the high speed or high speed glue dispensing work, through the input parameters of the mobile path independent, which need to set the parameters including height, glue delay parameters, depending on the specific needs of setting.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
Due to large volume of dry charged battery, dispensing path demand is not the same, so the need to operate the teaching box for dispensing path programming can perform normal dispensing work, operation can teach box programming straight line, can also carry out circular path dispensing programming, depending on the actual demand. It is essential to the production process of dry charged battery glue link, through the operation of the teaching box can better fulfill the programming work, the dry charged battery can be presented in the best working condition.
Double head high speed dispenser
Fast operating personnel can help teach box first contact programming in high speed dispensing machine, through the establishment of good teaching box that single point, press the "OK" button to record a single point path coordinates for dispensing the programming work according to the actual demand, help the battery and other irregular objects dispensing work.

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