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UV fiber high-speed dispensing machine, suitable for needle

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High speed dispensing machine shell made of stainless steel crafted, dispensing with a precision working inside a series of auxiliary equipment to help smooth high speed dispensing machine, high speed dispensing needles are generally relatively simple removal of metal needle, needle point glue dispensing function more support, the operator selects needles should be chosen according to the actual situation.

Small bayonet dispensing needle

Use a small dispensing needle high speed dispensing machine, due to the use of UV glue on this kind of fiber small objects, so the precision is relatively high, then the dispensing needle should choose more durable dispensing needle. You can select the PP flexible dispensing needle fiber dispensing work, because the PP flexible dispensing needle with better quality and strong practicability, will not scratch the surface of the object in high speed dispensing process, to ensure the smooth and accurate uniform glue.

Brush dispensing needle

Stainless steel needles are needles the choice of most users, stainless steel by steel, nickel, chromium, molybdenum and other materials, wide application range and high quality, has certain corrosion resistance to glue, high hardness and the working life is long, only stainless steel needle excellent texture, easy to scratch dispensing the surface of objects, the integrity of the adhesion objects.

The bayonet needle is mainly used in manual high-speed dispensing machine, because there are two needle bayonet fixing tool can be completely fixed on the needle cylinder, the operator using a hand-held high-speed dispensing syringe for manual operation is more convenient, has the characteristics of fast and stable supply of glue glue evenly, so that it can be used in high fiber and other objects batch precision dispensing work.

Stainless steel dispensing needle

Teflon dispensing needle is suitable for low viscosity glue dispensing needle, because part of manufacturing Seiko, glue with high precision and has no problems of drawing such as dispensing, and have a certain resistance to UV, so commonly used in UV optical fiber dispensing.

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