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Longmen cantilever high speed dispensing machine dispensing

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When we use the Longmen high-speed large cantilever dispensing machine, the internal structure of Longmen high speed cantilever dispensing machine also need to understand it, so you can more easily control the exclusion of dispensing dispensing work and problems. Then first understand the structure of the dispensing valve.

Special electric glue dispensing valve for cantilever dispensing machine

We usually use only two different types of dispensing valve drive. One is pneumatic, and the other is electric.

A common type of dispensing valve

Generally, there are three parts in the gas point rubber valve. The cylinder, the valve and the storage bucket of raw materials are precisely joined together. We should pay attention to some connection problems. Close to the use of the most advanced isolation material to separate we must in the connection structure of cylinder and valve, which can avoid pipeline glue by connecting slot into the cylinder causing large cantilever high speed dispensing occur Longmen situation. Raw storage tanks and cylinders are attached to the dispensing valve, and they should be united between them. When dispensing, we usually start with the solenoid valve in the cylinder. It starts to move and uses the movement of the center bar to make the glue valve open or close.

Automatic return point rubber valve

Gas point rubber valve is also based on different switching methods, there are many types of dispensing valve, such as piston type dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve. Note that different dispensing valves are suitable for different types of glue. Large Longmen cantilever high-speed dispensing machine is also equipped with a return suction dispensing valve on the dispensing machine, in order to break the glue phenomenon in the dispensing process, using vacuum back suction way to solve.

The electric dispensing valve is composed of a pump body and a drive device, as well as a stator and rotor structure. The installation is relatively simple and well sealed.

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