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The consumables of the metering high speed glue dispenser

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Metering type high speed dispensing machine overall use of stainless steel, some parts are not used dispensing machine of stainless steel, so there will be some dispenser parts are consumables, after a period of time to carry out a check on the dispenser, consumables will be at a time to appear in the loss, and each consumption is not the same degree of loss of goods.
Measuring type double station high speed glue machine
The sealing ring is measuring type high speed dispensing machine is easy to loss of parts in the high-speed jet valve sealing effect can be played, as is the use of soft plastic made of glue is corrosive, long time time glue dispensing valve, corrosion will seal, corrosion in the course of time will be damaged after clean, not able to seal metering dispensing machine, high-speed jet valve can not be used, so use a long time need to change the dispensing consumables to prevent some of the problems appeared in the dispensing process.
Stainless steel dot glue needle
High speed dispensing machine using a variety of models in addition to jet dispensing, dispensing, dispensing needles and dispensing, if the metering type high speed dispensing machine using a needle, the needle is also a kind of consumables, each dispensing to replace a dispensing needle, the enterprise is a waste, and some can use the number of needles is relatively long, but it's not a good corrosion resistance, easy to glue corrosion, use time is not long, it is best to use stainless steel Teflon dispensing needle, body building, but also can reduce the problem of drawing.
Dry glue
Metering type high speed dispensing machine still has a lot of consumables, all these issues need to pay attention to, check regularly, every time an inspection and maintenance of the dispensing machine, can greatly ensure the dispensing time, dispensing machine not regularly cleaned and update time is the use of accessories co..

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