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Plastic containers high-speed dispensing machine

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General storage glue dispensing machine are used in rubber specific, this rubber is generally the use of rotational molding manufacturing, and high speed dispensing machine will achieve high speed automatic dispensing work, glue demand is relatively large, so the rotational rubber barrel is unable to meet the ordinary work, here you need to roll the container used to store custom glue.
Rotational dispensing syringe
High speed dispensing machine storage glue plastic containers made of PVC paste resin, high coloring of PVC container to build, can produce storage containers of different colors, conductive material compatibility is good, but can be used in the manufacture of storage container can also be used for manufacturing floor or packaging materials and other necessities of life.
Desktop double position high speed glue machine
By rotating the hand to create special molding technology, high-speed dispensing machine for plastic containers with smooth surface, can according to the different nature of the glue making a different color appearance, if this kind of special storage similar adhesive glue, can create external weak light material special rubber cylinder. Plastic container material glue storage is combined with mechanical manufacturing, will not appear algae pollution in use for a long time, the cleaning work is simple and easy to use, safe and convenient maintenance and low demand.
Single station high speed glue machine
The cleaning work of plastic containers is very simple, the glue after treatment with ethanol for a day, and then use the liquid foam internal wash, then use a clean cloth to dry. Can withstand a lot of corrosive glue storage, can keep the normal storage performance glue in 50 degrees Celsius environment, rotational container has long service life and impact resistant, energy storage used in high-pressure production process of glue.

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