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Static mixing tube of Longmen type high speed glue dispenser

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The design inspiration of Longmen type high speed dispensing machine mainly from Longmen crane, the double support structure to achieve high work load, compared with the traditional single arm support is more stable, dispensing link so it is widely used in some large objects, including static mixing tube type high speed dispensing machine can help Longmen to better complete the dispensing package, as static the use of mixed auxiliary pipe has the characteristics of what?
Numerical control Longmen type glue dispenser
Longmen high speed dispensing machine of large object dispensing, so you need to use this two-component AB glue, and static mixer can achieve a variety of liquid and stirring strengthen reaction, through a plurality of rotating blades are orderly arranged in the casing assembly, static mixing tube internal no moving parts, all by push the pressure on the glue and work, only play a role in promoting.
The static mixing tube by glue glue to promote the realization of coherence cutting, which is based on the number of blades decided by the static mixing tube than the square structure static mixing tube structure of circular work better, to the greatest extent possible to reduce the cost of dispensing link, square static mixing tube to reduce external demand and increase the mixing effect, accelerate the reaction the rate of catalyst and the glue glue mixed more evenly and firmly, and less adverse.
Spiral static mixed tube
SV type static mixer is composed of inclined corrugated plate combination, and ordinary static mixing tube, cutting blade from the angle to make right angle by means of mechanical design, forming a three-dimensional flow of glue, this way of working than ordinary static mixing tube is more powerful, so Longmen high-speed dispensing machine double liquid glue is used for treatment of SV type static mixing tube is more.

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