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The applicable glue of on-line storage battery high speed gl

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The on-line battery high speed dispensing machine as the name implies, dispensing link is mainly used in battery filling, automatic dispensing mode most of the time to help users save, through uninterrupted power supply technology for mass dispensing work, high work efficiency and good quality of dispensing, dispensing equipment is a high practicability, can apply the glue very much, whether ordinary or special glue glue are suitable for use in battery dispensing.
A variety of glue dispenser for glue
The battery is used most of the dispensing two-component glue, two-component glue to glue and the catalyst has high viscosity reaction strength, the two-component glue dispensing after the object has the characteristics of high hardness, dispensing work is widely used in all kinds of electronic components, storage battery high-speed dispensing machine has two set material at the same time in the barrel, two kinds of mixed glue dispensing, through the automatic mixing system so that the glue can accelerate the reaction time of the glue, and the stirring effect does not appear bubble dispensing work.
UV is a commonly used special glue, the glue will encounter UV curing reaction can rapidly, in just a few seconds quickly from liquid to solid, with strong adhesion and no pollution easy to use. High requirements for dispensing machine, online storage battery high speed dispensing machine can be configured with different colors of the dispensing syringe to deal with these special glue, if you need to apply to the UV glue needle can choose configuration of amber, avoid UV in normal curing before dispensing,
High speed gluing machine for single station storage battery
In addition to the above two kinds of special glue, the battery high-speed dispensing machine is also suitable for various kinds of glue, and the practical application range is very extensive. Most battery production rooms use this dispensing equipment.

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