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Handheld glue gun of Longmen cantilever high speed glue mach

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The Longmen cantilever high speed glue dispenser is a kind of automatic glue dispenser. It has a special cantilever manipulator and a Longmen mechanical structure. The cantilever structure is beneficial to the fixing of the needles of the spot glue, and the accurate glue is carried out on the XYZ axis. The Longmen structure is a structure which is connected to two supporting legs on the two sides of a crossbeam and then fixed on the work plane. It does not need the tedious production process, and the structure is also very simple. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient production, stability and strong bearing capacity. It is suitable for the design of various industrial products.
Manual dispensing gun
We will sometimes appear more difficult work in the use of Longmen dispensing large cantilevered speed glue dispensing work, the automatic dispensing does not work properly at this time can be switched to manual dispensing mode, then we will use some glue glue gun, then the hand-held dispensing gun.
Dispensing gun is a tool used for artificial dispensing. The general dispensing gun is divided into three kinds of electric dispensing gun and pneumatic point glue gun, and manual dispensing gun.
Manual high speed glue gun
1, the manual dispensing gun is a dispensing equipment dispensing glue by hand to glue the dispenser. Its dispensing efficiency is the lowest and can only be used by the average person in the family.
2, the air pressure dispensing gun is a dispensing equipment that uses air pressure to make dispensing. When dispensing, we need to connect the gas source to achieve dispensing. If not, we need to install air compressor to generate air pressure to achieve dispensing. Generally speaking, the dispensing gun does not produce much air at a time, and it can regulate the air pressure to control the size of dispensing, and add silencers to reduce the influence of noise on dispensing.
Numerical control Longmen type glue dispenser
3. It is a kind of glue dispensing equipment that uses the battery to make the glue.

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