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High precision positioning system for visual high speed glue

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With the rapid development of science and technology in China in recent years, the popularity of the dispenser is more extensive, for example: printed and sealed precision machinery, electronic device stripes, electronic components of the paste, and IC packaging glue etc. with the chip and package size become smaller, more stringent requirements of dispensing technology dispensing, industry needs high precision, the quantity of cement is more uniform, more stable and more efficient, micro volume dispensing technology and dispensing equipment has been rapid development.
Vertical visual high speed glue machine
The dispensing machine is a complicated system, it needs to point out the precise control of glue and glue dispensing position, so in recent years as visual high-speed dispensing equipment dispensing machine popular high precision positioning system, this system in the process of glue dispensing in the play what role and what advantage?
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
High precision positioning system of the main equipment through the dispensing position to complete automatic detection, extraction and output can be divided into image acquisition and image processing and location coordinates of the three structure. The chip is placed correctly after waiting, CCD video segmentation is completed according to the dispensing position block of image acquisition, and acquisition the image is saved to IPC memory. When the chip image acquisition is completed on the whole, IPC will handle according to the collected image sequence, simulate the dispensing position contour of the image, finally according to the position of the image center and the position of the glue dispensing contour to calculate the coordinates of the center of the numerical glue point, and through IPC transfer to the actuator device, drive the motion platform moves to the dispensing position correctly.
Large visual high speed glue machine
The visual high speed glue machine is equipped with this high precision positioning system with higher quality in the glue efficiency and the quality of the glue.

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