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PVC special glue valve for high speed dispensing machine

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PVC is a kind of adhesive glue, can fast curing at room temperature, high bonding strength and stability, have certain elasticity, so the dispensing operation should pay attention to the gravity swing caused by high speed dispensing dispensing offset, the traditional use of PVC can not be as accurate as manual dispensing operation, easy to ignore the PVC glue glue due to offset positioning is needed here, a special dispensing valve.
PVC high speed dispensing valve
PVC special dispensing valve is used to enhance design, can effectively deal with the problem of PVC elastic migration, when the scanning system detects the offset automatically because of the weight of glue suction, then again uniform glue by high speed glue can effectively prevent leakage and drawing the common problem of internal air transport and plastic materials transport hierarchy, guarantee does not affect each other when running in high speed, the Aluminum Alloy build the dispenser working life of less long fault characteristics.
Full automatic high speed dispensing valve
This special glue dispensing valve not only in the process is very effective, but also run fast, this is an important prerequisite to ensure high speed dispensing operation, in addition to the treatment of the problem of how to use PVC glue and glue can deal with UV red glue and other special glue, needle, range is very large, it is normal to use big or small needle the needle will not affect the dispensing valve, can guarantee the normal high-speed dispensing accuracy, so PVC high-speed dispensing machines are generally use this special customized dispensing valve.
PVC high speed dispenser
In order to prevent backflow of glue in the normal dispensing machine, one-way valve is used in design, not in the normal working pressure caused by backflow because of objective factors, demolition convenient and simple cleaning, so the operator in the normal high-speed dispensing after the best in time for cleaning and maintenance of the normal requirements of work.

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