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Glue control valve suitable for automatic high speed glue ma

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High speed automatic dispensing machine belongs to the comprehensive function and applicability is very broad industry equipment, which can enhance the efficiency and quality of the user demand for products, and also can reduce the cost of human resources of the high speed dispensing link, according to many kinds of glue control valve used in the dispensing process to support the production of the different properties of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, such as apply 2-component dispenser valve for dispensing glue, silica gel silica gel flow dispensing valve etc..
Double station toughened film dispenser
A two-component glue called AB, is a kind of hybrid high strength special glue, through a certain proportion of adhesive work on products, high-speed automatic dispensing machine using two-component glue need to configure a dedicated back suction double liquid dispensing valve, after anodizing high chemical resistance and is more efficient and practical. Through the complex dynamic suction mode to remove links often appear in the high-speed dispensing glue dripping drawing and other issues, strengthen the automatic dispensing work high-speed automatic dispensing machine quality and efficiency.
Two component adhesive
If the high-speed automatic dispensing machine requires the use of silicone glue, should choose silicone dispensing valve flow, silicone dispensing valve can be applied in various properties of silicone glue dispensing, can connect different types of feed pump or glue storage barrel pressure, which avoids the glue supply interruption influence the consistency of products in the high speed dispensing process. The selection of high speed glue dispenser with silica gel valve will improve the efficiency and quality of product production.
Double component double liquid dispensing valve
If the user of the product glue filling precision requirement is high, can choose the precise control of glue dispensing valve configuration in the high-speed automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue will enhance the control effect in the application of high speed dispensing products filling process, the important factor to prevent overflow glue influence appearance.

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