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Dual-component dispensing machine is also a member of the automatic dispensing machine, can meet the requirements of clutch glue injection, but the need to use a special type of injection needle, injection equipment manufacturers can buy suitable parts for industry use, can prevent needle glue leakage or other dispensing problems, is a better use of a machine.
Glue injection needle
Introduction of injection needle
Glue injection needle belongs to one of plastic needles, but the amount of glue out is relatively large, can meet the requirements of clutch glue injection, this is a special type of needle produced by glue injection machine manufacturer, can meet the use of two-component glue injection machine, but also prevent the needle glue leakage, the advantage of glue injection needle can mix glue and a large number of glue out, general The two-component glue has poor fluidity and is difficult to mix, so the special injection needle and dispensing can increase the fluidity of the glue, and also can strengthen the glue mixing, killing two birds with one stone.
Two liquid dispenser
Accessories for clutch injection selection
Clutch glue injection using two-component glue, need to use a two-component dispensing machine, so that can quickly fill glue, complete the needs of the industry, select the advantages of equipment, is able to quickly fill glue, if the choice of ordinary dispensing machine, which filling speed is slow, can not use the appropriate two-component glue, also can not be. How can we complete the task of glue filling by using glue injection needle, easy to operate the syringe for missing needle? As a small manufacturer of glue injection machine, I recommend that we use the two-component glue injection machine as the preferred machine to produce clutch glue injection, which can enhance the production effect.
双组份点胶机 Two component dispensing machine
Our manufacturer will configure the best injection needles and other dispensing accessories so that their production will not continue any key problems, especially the common problems of needle glue leakage, which will not lead to clutch glue injection quality problems.

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