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How to choose the appropriate glue dispenser?

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AB glue dispensing drum and AB dispensing valve have the same curvature, can store AB glue, but a kind of plastic one belongs to aluminum alloy manufacturing, two have the same quality difference, can achieve the AB glue use requirements, but in the glue ratio of AB glue dispensing drum comparison "rigid", can only change the size of the needle tube glue. The ratio of water.
AB胶点胶筒 AB dispensing valve
Ab glue is a special kind of glue, need two kinds of glue to mix to achieve the curing effect, so need to use AB dispensing valve or AB glue dispensing cartridge, both can be used by AB glue spraying dispensing machine, but the use of different, AB glue dispensing cartridge need to pre-load glue, and dispensing valve does not need, need to A large amount of glue is not good to use the glue dispenser, and the use of AB glue is also particular.
Application industry
The effect of using AB glue dispensing drum in automobile sensor filling is worse than that of dispensing valve. This industry needs a lot of glue, and the control effect is also very important. The use of AB glue spraying dispensing machine is to meet its control effect, the general effect can not be satisfied, the glue ratio needs to be accurate, can not exceed. Excessive proportion, this will directly affect the quality of the product, related to the quality of the product, we must be cautious.
The use of double glue for dispensing cylinder
AB glue is a special kind, the use of dispensing valves need to be equipped with two cylinders, can be completed, AB glue dispensing cylinder need to put two kinds of glue in the cylinder in advance, and then cover the piston, using pneumatic pressure to drive the piston, to achieve the glue effect, of course, also need to use a mixed hose, and then according to the needs of the rubber cylinder. Input air pressure, AB glue spray dispensing machine needs to use a double-hole dispensing controller, so that the control of glue ratio is better.

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