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Dispensing pressure bucket suitable for storing many kinds o

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  Pressure dispensing barrel is an important part for storing and transporting glue. Pressure dispensing barrel can store glue without affecting the properties of glue, and can automatically transport glue in the process of production. It is one of the necessary parts for dispensing machine. Pressure dispensing barrel is suitable for storing glue. Many, including fast-drying glue, hot-melt glue and two-component glue, but in the storage of these glue is the need for different methods of work.
Dispensing pressure bucket

  Dispensing pressure tank for storing multiple glue

  The dispensing pressure barrel is a dispensing part for storing glue. There are many kinds of glue suitable for storage, but the properties of each glue are different, such as two-component glue. If the glue is used in the inductive dispensing process, then in the process of high-precision dispensing production, the transformer filling is needed. Two dispensing pressure barrels are installed in the glue machine, and the dispensing valve needs to be replaced to ensure the best glue mixing effect.
Transformer glue filling machine

  The function of dispensing pressure bucket in transformer

  Transformer glue dispensing machine is a large-scale dispensing equipment, from the name of this dispensing equipment can be seen mainly on the transformer for dispensing work, and transformer also includes transformer and sensor, so in the process of high-precision dispensing inductance can also be used to complete the production work of the transformer glue dispensing machine, in the inductance Silica gel and epoxy resin glue are widely used in dispensing process. Epoxy resin glue is a kind of common two-component glue. In the process of using, we can select a suitable capacity dispensing pressure bucket according to the demand of inductance dispensing.
Dispensing pressure bucket
  There are many kinds of dispensing pressure barrels suitable for storing a variety of adhesives, but they need to be selected according to the quality of the adhesives before use.

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