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Liquid dispensing valve for different viscosity glue dispens

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  Fluid dispensing valve can dispense all kinds of glue, which is often used in dispensing industry. The valve is mainly made of stainless steel aluminum, with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages, the application of this high-strength silicone rubber in the inductive dispensing link, through the application of fluid dispensing valve can also avoid glue overflow, wire drawing, glue dropping and other issues.
Fluid dispensing valve

  Introduction of fluid dispensing valve

  Fluid dispensing valves with different viscosity can be used in many dispensing industries, and the advantages of dispensing in the assembly of coil dispensing machine are more. The composition and structure of the fluid dispensing valve is relatively simple. The appearance of the valve is mainly composed of an inlet and an outlet. The working mode of the valve is divided into electric and pneumatic. The parts of the fluid dispensing valve with different ways of glue supply are different, but the effect of inductance dispensing is the same. High strength silicone rubber generally has corrosion resistance effect, through the application of fluid dispensing valve can avoid product corrosion problems.
Fluid dispensing valve

  The advantage of selecting dispensing valve by using dispensing valve

  Inductance plays a very important role in the electronic industry. In the process of assembly and production of electronic products, high strength silicone rubber needs to be injected into the inductor and fixed well by dispensing technology. Intelligent coil dispensing machine will be used in the inductor dispensing link to complete the bonding and fixing work, but high strength silicone rubber has certain rot. Corrosion effect, the use of plastic needle barrel is difficult to complete the production work, and the anti-corrosion effect of the fluid dispensing valve can avoid the corrosion of equipment parts.
Inductor glue
  It can be applied to many kinds of dispensing fluid valves with different glue viscosity in inductance dispensing links to prevent manual high strength silicone rubber corrosion of products and accessories.

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