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American dispensing syringe for preventing glue dropping pro

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  Brief introduction of American dispensing syringe

  The main material of American dispensing needle barrel is made of PP material, and the piston used is made of fine workmanship. The application of visual positioning dispensing machine in dispensing links of mobile phones can also avoid glue overflow problems, prevent the occurrence of epoxy resin sealing glue dropping, glue leakage and so on, and the thickness is also set by fine workmanship. The use of PP material also prevents the needle barrel from breaking during use to ensure the quality of dispensing production.
American dispensing syringe

  The advantages of assembly in visual positioning dispensing machine

  The greatest advantage of the visual positioning dispensing machine is the repetitive positioning accuracy and visual system. It can ensure the quality of mobile phone production by applying in dispensing links. Moreover, through the visual system, it can also facilitate operators to understand the actual situation of dispensing in detail, and can be solved in dispensing problems. American-style dispensing needle barrel assembled in the visual positioning dispensing machine can prevent the problem of glue dropping, and can avoid glue corrosion when the mobile phone points epoxy resin filling adhesive, which has a better guarantee for the mobile dispensing work.
Visual positioning dispenser

  Application in mobile phone dispensing can ensure product quality.

  Cell phone dispensing belongs to the Seiko production industry. Some parts of the mobile phone need to be bonded and fixed by epoxy resin filling adhesive. It is impossible to use ordinary dispensing equipment in this dispensing process. The vision system and repetitive positioning accuracy of the visual positioning dispensing machine can meet the demand of cellphone dispensing. And by assembling American-style dispensing needle barrel, the phenomenon of glue dropping and glue leaking can be avoided, and the glue flow rate can be guaranteed.
American dispensing syringe
  There are many types of American dispensing needle barrel specifications, there are amber platinum color can be applied to UV glue, there are other models, can be selected according to actual needs.

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