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Stainless steel is made of dispensing pressure pail dispensi

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The dispensing pressure barrel is a kind of accessories produced for dispensing industry in China. It is similar in size and size, such as 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L and so on. It is also larger, but it needs to be customized, because few manufacturers need what large dispensing pressure barrel, so the technology of producing dispensing pressure barrel in China has been completed. Cooked, and there are other types of dispensing pressure barrels for manufacturers to choose.
碳钢点胶筒 Equipment that stores large quantities of glue.
Visual spray dispensing machine is one of the most advanced dispensing equipment on the market at present. It needs to be equipped with dispensing pressure barrel, which can achieve ultra-long dispensing time. For example, hair clip dispensing and hair decoration dispensing need to use glue, and the daily demand for glue is very large. If you only use dispensing valve to store glue, you do not need one. The dispensing valve needs to be replaced in minutes, and the use of dispensing pressure barrel can be stored for a day time, glue storage is very large, to meet the day-long hair clip drip and hair decoration paint requirements.
The pressure barrel is a little bit more specific.
What are the advantages of the dispensing pressure pail made in China? First, in the workmanship, is the use of numerical control technology, the stainless steel internal drilling, and then connected to the bottom of a short plate, forming a closed barrel space above, and then use the machine grinding method, for the first time grinding, and then use manual grinding method, grinding the internal smooth, convenient glue flow. On the sealing cover, we have added too much explosion-proof valve to reduce the accident probability.
Problems easily caused by iron products
All stainless steel dispensing pressure barrels cost a lot, but in order to meet the production requirements of manufacturers, or to make a series of types of pressure barrels to complete the use of iron products can be manufactured, but this is not conducive to the use of visual spray dispensing machine, nor is it conducive to glue storage, dripping glue in hair clips and hair ornaments paint. Problems arise easily. The dispensing pressure barrels manufactured in China have passed the national inspection-free standard, and the price is similar to the market price.

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