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Business recommendation: hot melt adhesive dispensing syring

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  The use of superheated melt glue knows the characteristics of glue. It is impossible to dispense glue without heating. Many people believe that only hot melt dispensing valve can dispense glue. However, a hot melt dispensing syringe can be manufactured in a neutral way, which can also store and dispense hot melt glue and can reduce the purchases of manufacturers. Cost of dispensing valve.
Hot melt adhesive dispensing syringe
Selection of dispensing equipment and accessories is sure to choose products with lower price, but this is the premise of not affecting the quality of dispensing gum. Otherwise, the choice of low price and unable to complete dispensing will cause greater loss to manufacturers, while the hot melt dispensing syringe is different. It is tested by strength and can meet the hot melt requirement. Adhesive use requirements, and the dispensing accuracy is not bad, the main application for the industry with little dispensing volume can choose dispensing syringe for dispensing.
Price advantage
Choosing dispensing syringe has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage lies in price. The price of a dispensing syringe generally lies in 0.5 wool, while the dispensing valve needs at least several hundred pieces or more. The disadvantage lies in the high control of the storage volume and the precise control of dispensing needle, and the inability to control the size of dispensing volume automatically. These are the disadvantages. Whether to buy hot melt dispensing syringe can be used according to the industry requirements, if the dispensing volume is not high.
As a merchant, I recommend you to use the dispensing syringe, which is easy to control and replace. This is its advantage. It also has a huge advantage in price. The hot melt dispensing syringe is a relatively new product, which has a good reaction in the market and can meet the needs of production. This is the medium-sized production of hot melt dispensing syringe. The original intention is not only to meet the needs of small quantities of manufacturers, but also to reduce production costs.

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