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The function and value of the electromagnetic oven in household appliances are remarkable. The dispensing of the electromagnetic oven is mainly to fix the built-in wafer. In order to ensure the synchronous control of the yield and efficiency of the produc.



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The reason why electronic products play a waterproof role is that they are coated with waterproof glue. The precision of micro-waterproof electronic coating is higher than that of other types in the past. It is better to use automatic dispensing equipment.



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Anaerobic adhesives are all called anaerobic adhesives. Unlike other standard adhesives, they can not be cured under normal conditions. They need to be insulated from oxygen to be cured at normal points on the surface of products. Therefore, the particula.



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Relay is a kind of electrical control device. It acts as the connection between the control system and the controlled system. The relay dispensing mainly fixes the shell and the relay structure. Anaerobic glue and curing agent are needed to strengthen the.



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There are many kinds of window glass, and the outstanding reason of tempered glass is its high mechanical strength and good elasticity, and good thermal stability. Value play is closely related to the correct sealing of tempered glass. Only by the correct.



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Doors and windows belong to furniture and are the common products in life. When the doors and windows are bonded, they need to be bonded with foam glue to make them into finished products. In order to meet the standard bonding effect and efficiency, speci.



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Bearing lubrication and oil dispensing is not a difficult thing, mainly to meet the bearing circular dispensing and prevent oil leakage, basically to meet the requirements of the point bearing, we recommend a dispensing machine that meets the production n.



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Guide: Explosion-proof electric box is used in many circuit construction, such as distribution box and signal transfer point. How can explosion-proof electric box play a very good role? In fact, coating explosion-proof electric box can play a certain role.



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There are two kinds of glue storage, one is long-term storage, the other is short-term storage, long-term storage will have glue manufacturers to teach you how to use storage, and short-term storage should be done? For example: Visual spray dispensing mac.



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In addition to dispensing accuracy and glue to meet the requirements, the production speed can not be too low. Generally, mobile phone production is pipelined, making very fast, there is a requirement for machine selection. We configure a high-speed autom.



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t is necessary to use epoxy resin glue as the glue for the filling of transformer. Then we can choose the glue filling machine and dispensing accessories according to the characteristics of this glue. In this way, we can improve the filling efficiency of .



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With the continuous improvement of urbanization, more and more people will need to use tablet computers in office. Some people who often need to travel will be more convenient to carry tablet computers. With the development of science and technology, mobi.



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There are many reasons for abnormal glue. It is mainly based on the actual situation that we can judge perfectly what caused the abnormal glue of precision dispenser. Every abnormal glue will cause different problems. According to these problems, we can j.



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PVC is soft and hard. Soft PVC is easy to be crisp and hard to preserve. Usually, there are many restrictions on its use. Hard PVC is usually hard PVC. Hard PVC is non-toxic, non-brittle and durable. It is usually processed into many products, such as var.



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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of the automotive industry is getting better and better. People's requirements for automotive configuration are also getting higher and higher. Clutch is an important part of it.



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High precision dispensing technology of visual dispensing machine can be used in mobile phone industry, such as mobile phone motherboard, mobile phone frame, mobile phone cover, etc. In high precision dispensing link, precision dispensing machine is usual.



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The stability of glue production is a factor that determines the quality of products. How to ensure the stability of glue production becomes very important. Xiaobian knows that there is an important way to ensure the stability of glue production, such as .



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The glue filling technology is mainly based on the glue filling equipment. Without the use of advanced glue filling equipment, it is impossible to have a technology that meets the needs of glue filling. This is an inevitable result, such as the glue filli.

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